Sunday 23/03/2014

Decided that I might try to keep a better log of what I’ve been doing/ my study progress.

So, today:

  • 1 hour+ Kanji revision
  • Come very close to having finished the とびら Kanji textbook
  • Reviewed some N2 vocabulary
  • Start learning Kanji from the Intermediate Textbook 1 (I know quite a lot of these Kanji already, but it also works as revision and vocabulary learning)

Pretty much just a quiet Sunday :)

My progress from the last week :)

Will start posting this once a week I think. Studying from the とびら kanji textbook and an N2 specific vocabulary textbook.

Very late upload of Pancake day photos!


Anonymous asked: Is the app free? It looks really good! :)

Unfortunately you need to have a subscription to the website…

I think there is a one week free trial though, maybe you could test it out. :)

Anonymous asked: Is that an app for leaning kanji????

Yep ^^

It’s called Skritter, I recommend it. :)

Been really pushing myself with Kanji learning so far this year. Here you can see my general progress.
I hope to make the second half of March more successful than the first.

Tokyo again~

Last weekend I went to Tokyo for a second time! Just stayed for 2 nights but met up with some lovely people ^^

Will post some pictures in a moment.


Kind of in shock, just been paid for my first translation job.

10x more than I thought I was going to get…


Deadline 2

Today marks the second deadline of my translation assignment. I actually finished it a little early and sent it off last night :)
Now on to part 3!

Time spent in the library this week (so far):
Monday: 8:30-16:30
Tuesday: 8:30 - 18:45
Thursday: 9:00 - 17:30

This is not just for translation but also general study too.