European Language…?

I’m thinking about taking a course in an European language starting September/October

My choices seem to be:

  1. French
  2. German
  3. Italian
  4. Dutch
  5. Spanish
  6. Norwegian
  7. Danish
  8. Portuguese 
  9. Polish

So… what do you think? Any suggestions? :)


Anonymous said: Good luck with your goals! It will be a tough road, but the ends (and journey itself) will be worth it. You're worth it! (:

Thank you! I will most certainly try my best :)

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking.

You know that exhilarating feeling you get when you have a new goal and are willing to work hard towards it? 

That’s the feeling I have right now.

I’m going to conquer the next 12 months and get to where I want to be. Watch me.

To achieve my goal I need to work on:

1. Saving money

2. Fitness/Health

3. Confidence

Let’s go.

Moving forward

Managed to pull myself together after a tough couple of months, in which my stress levels were well and truly tested and I was forced to quit a job for the first time, and achieve 84% in my higher intermediate (pathway to advanced) Japanese speaking class, and 88% in my reading class.

Monday is both my last day of my job and my first at a new language school. Wednesday will be the closing ceremony for my current course and today I moved into a new apartment.

Moving forward, and hopefully up.

One more week…

One more week and then the main bulk of this course is finished.

I can’t wait, but there is so much to do before then.
This week I have 2 assignments (2500 and 1500 words respectfully), 3 presentations in Japanese, 2 exams, and a series of smaller tests to get through.

In 2 weeks I will move out of the university dormitory and start my 7 week stay in my own private place nearer the centre.
Also in 2 weeks I am officially leaving my job. I had intended to work until September but some things have occurred and I need to leave. I will miss my students but the job was (is) affecting my health and causing me unnecessary stress.

I hope you’re all well

Desserts in Korea ;)

Food in Korea :D

South Korea ;)


If you remember (or check my blog) a few of weeks back I mentioned that I would be updating more regularly about my study and progress in Japanese.

Well clearly, now that it’s been about a month with no update I have failed to achieve this. This is not (really) laziness, but more because I have been so horribly and unbelievably busy.

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Sunday 23/03/2014

Decided that I might try to keep a better log of what I’ve been doing/ my study progress.

So, today:

  • 1 hour+ Kanji revision
  • Come very close to having finished the とびら Kanji textbook
  • Reviewed some N2 vocabulary
  • Start learning Kanji from the Intermediate Textbook 1 (I know quite a lot of these Kanji already, but it also works as revision and vocabulary learning)

Pretty much just a quiet Sunday :)